7 signs you are having a boy

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When you’re pregnant, you should to have some signs to tell you if you have a baby boy or a baby girl but today i will tell you some of these signs .


This is one of the signs you are having a boy that most people will be most familiar with. Boys are meant to be carried low. Naturally, there will be many women who can debunk this story. Frankly, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why a boy should be in a lower position. It would also be very confusing to know what was what if you were expecting twins!

Yet another of the alleged signs you are having a boy is that you don’t have sweet cravings, but prefer savoury tastes. Presumably this comes from the rather outdated notion that girls should be sugar and spice, and all that nonsense. And what happens if you don’t have any cravings at all, or no particular preference – does that mean you’re having twins?

Breast size is another, 100% foolproof method of telling the sex of your baby. Apparently, if your right breast is larger, then it’s a boy. The problem with this, aside from its stupidity, is that most women have breasts of uneven size anyway. Personally, I think that if you rely on the size of your breasts to tell you that you’re expecting a boy, then that’s definitely a right boob.

The Chinese Birth Chart supposedly goes back more than700 years and was discovered in a royal tomb. The chart
determines the sex of your baby by using our age and themonth that you conceived. While this isn’t specific to having a boy, it can supposedly be used to determine
whether or not you are having a boy.


The next time you’re at the doctor, ask them what your baby’s heart rate is. Supposedly if the heart rate is under 140 beats per minute you’re having a boy! While this obviously isn’t 100% accurate, it’s a great way to get a good idea about what you’re having.


Along with a round belly, the weight you gain when you’re having a boy is usually limited to just your stomach. When you’re having a girl you’re more likely to gain weight all over your body, especially in your face. Baby boys don’t tend to make you gain weight and that’s a great way to tell what you’re having!

Okay, this is definitely a weird one! This method requires that you pee in a cup, which is probably something you’re used to since you have to do it at the doctor all the time. After you pee in the cup, pour in a tablespoon of Draino, mix it together and watch the color change. If your pee turns blue, it’s supposed to mean you’re having a boy!

At the end we have many other signs to tell you if you have a boy or girl ,and I want to tell you not all of these signs right it’s will be different from women to another.

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