Father donates his kidney to his 3 years daughter… see what happened!

Updated on September 15, 2016 in News
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Lee Chester was given a kidney by her father. The little girl was suffering from kidney failure that was diagnosed by doctors in 2015, forcing them to take the girl and place her under strict medical supervision, and be subject to periodic dialysis for 14 months.

The family suffers two things; they watched their young daughter amid these machines, small and her body undergoing too much pain which increased on repeated visits to the hospital. This could cause her more psychological pain.

The doctors noted that throughout the duration of treatment, the state of the child is not getting better and it is getting worse than before, dialysis is no longer useless leaving them only one solution to find a kidney donor.

At this very critical moment, the father suggested himself to donate one of his kidneys to his daughter in a faster time, but experts stressed the need to conduct tests and analyzes to ensure his safety as well as the extent of his daughter’s body accepting the new kidney.

The father and his daughter conducted the surgery last month, the two have enjoyed good health today after having some time to heal, Without the sacrifice of the father and the letting go of one of its body parts, the little girl would have been dead. Thanks God.

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